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Nov 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
in your book you talk about someone named, who we actually interviewed a couple years ago, in 2011. steve goldsmith. he used to be the mayor of indianapolis, the mayor of new york. let's watch a clip of that. you can put it in context. >> we had the sixth largest snow in new york city. lots of things went wrong. we learn from our mistakes. >> why did it go wrong? >> there are a lot of lessons, some are about snow. some are generalized. there is the very deliberate way you approach a job. let's say snowplows. you execute that the same way. for snow, the timing is extraordinary. the amount is extraordinary. the wind is extraordinary. fill in the blank. what we found this time was we have to have really up-to-date second by second management data. the reports were off a little bit. there were mistakes made by others. 1000 buses got stuck. you look at that, and you declare an emergency, but the people who met made a good-faith decision that turned out not to be right. the point of the story is it is easy to do monday morning quarterbacking here. i think we realized real-time management data c
Nov 26, 2013 7:00pm EST
the america's first mission to earth. this is steve harley and i. hubbel is 2,500 pounds, weighs nothing in space. very complicated mission -- complicated, the mission turned out to be. that's prelaunch on hubbel. you didn't see us prelaunch on my first flight, but on my first flight, we wore a regular old suit and helmet. then we felt wearing the suit, if we had another challenger type accident, it would allow the crew sometime -- that heat becomes a co-cune -- cacoon. it becomes a small space suit. so that's what we did. >> so both the challenger and columbia. what did that do? >> for me, or for the nation? >> just for you. >> columbia was devastating in and of itself. because i had been on the vehicle. >> was that 1987? >> that was 2003. >> challenger was -- >> challenger was 1986. that was very difficult. i trained with christie mcculiff. my first crew was the teacher in flight. then we took a member of congress. it turned out to be then congressman bill nelson and rod sieker, because we flew a classified camera that bob was the expert on. but the l -- to lose challenger 10 days afte
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2